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Climate change affects us all. The manner in which we generate power globally—predominately burning high-carbon fuels—releases carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases, worsening climate change, and we must do something to change that.

A Matter of Scale untangles the scope of electricity consumption on our planet, the technology choices available, society’s need for power, and most importantly, the vast scale of electricity generation.


This book will give you the tools you need to help you understand low-carbon possibilities and the solutions society must adopt—solutions you must advocate for—to achieve a clean energy future.

Finally! A book that provides feasible solutions to the pollution problem caused by high-carbon fuels and simplifies the science and engineering concepts for laypeople.

-- Foluso Falaye at Readers' Favorite

... a reference guide that I will come back to when thinking about the future of energy solutions.

-- NetGalley review

Why I wrote this book

One day, a friend of mine asked me a very simple question: "I have been thinking about installing solar panels on my roof. Do you think this is a good idea? Will this help stop climate change?"

Thinking about solutions to climate change needs a change in perspective. The questions are simple. But the problems are titanic. Solutions must meet the realities of scale to have a true impact.

In this book, I hope I satisfactorily answered my friend's question. More importantly, I have introduced some new perspectives for all of us to approach these problems from a matter of scale.

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